About us

We gathered here to investigate the action at the place of interaction.
And provide you with answers to the most important question in your business: what to do to get a customer with you and recommend your services to your friends?
We changed the questionnaire into a tablet, replaced hundreds of questionnaires with one application – you can ask your customers about their opinions and impressions in the simplest way.
And the least expensive.

We still have the enthusiasm of our students (although this stage of education has long been behind us), we have the experience and knowledge of this experience – thanks to that we are not afraid of new challenges and problems are just another obstacle for us to overcome.

That is why Statisfy is the missing piece in the customer experience puzzle, which will help you achieve NPS = 9,9 (you can’t satisfy everyone) – you will just know exactly what your customers think and feel.

We invite you to cooperate.

We invite you to joins us!