What is Statisfy?

Statisfy is an innovative way to get to know your customers. Dedicated application and management panel allow you to keep up to date and analyze the customer service standards in your company.

Customers use a tablet or other mobile device to complete your survey, so you get answers to the questions that interest you most. The current preview of the results allows you to quickly define problem areas and give you the opportunity to respond appropriately.

In the midst of marketing pressures, the happy customer is the best ambassador of your brand

How to start?

1. Create a Statute account using the registration form located in the Attach tab. Provide the data required on the form. Remember that Login and Password set at registration level will be used to login to both the management panel and the mobile application.

2. The email address given in the form will be sent activation link – click on it to complete the registration.

3. Login to the Statisfy Panel using the login and password provided on the registration form.

4. Select the package you are interested in and the license period and pay for the order. Just after the payment has been posted, you will receive an account activation confirmation.

5. Create your survey or use the template. The wizard and activation of the survey is located in the Settings tab when logged into the management panel. Click on “Activate” for a poll to be available on mobile devices.

6. On the Settings tab, add locations according to the package you have purchased. Remember that one mobile device is responsible for one location.

7. Download the app to your tablet or other mobile device.

8. Login to the app on your mobile device.

9. When logged on to a mobile device, select a location from the list that will allow you to identify the origin of the data in the Statisfy Panel.

10. Collect and Analyze the opinions of your customers.

Can I test the application for free?

Yes, the test period lasts 14 days.


Location setting

To view statistics from a location, be sure to add a location in the Management Panel (the number of locations you can set depends on the license you have purchased), and then select a location from the list on your mobile device. Remember that location names are easy to identify for you – they will create a location ranking and will allow you to analyze your data in detail.

How to construct a survey?

The first step to take when constructing a vase is to define the areas of service you want to analyze.

Is it time to break the law? Can the competence of your information service?

Define at least three of them and consider where quantifiable quantitative answers (yes / no questions) and which you want to qualify (evaluate). Keep in mind that you can set an average service rating below which you’ll receive notifications from locations that do not meet your standard.

If you want to explore customer satisfaction using NPS, select the type of question you want to answer and decide whether you want to supplement your response in text form.

The above will set you up when creating a new poll in the My Polls tab.

Remember that every poll can be customized to your visual identity – you can load your logo and adjust the color scheme – just change the parameters in the poll settings tab.

Activation of the Survey

After you have created all your questions and saved the poll, select the poll you want to share from all of your locations in the My polls list.

In the survey preview, you will see what questions are in it – you can always return to the survey used once.

Remember that your questionnaire is activated on all your devices at the same time, if you want to increase the number of active polls, please contact us through the form to prepare an individual quote.

How long does it take to change the active poll so that it appears on the mobile device?

Please fill out the questionnaire on the mobile device, then load a new survey. The same thing should be done in the case of appearance changes.

Can I edit a created and approved survey?

No, because this activity will disturb the statistics. Therefore, before checking the survey thoroughly check it. At the same time, you can edit the look of the poll at any time


Qualitative questions - Evaluation

If you want to get tangible information about how satisfied your customer is with the service, ask your star questions. The answers you get will allow you to present an average rating of your consumers’ satisfaction.

Using these questions allows you to take full advantage of Statisfy’s potential. Set up an assessment of the service that should be maintained by Customer Service staff and be notified of locations where the rating is lower than the set.

Option available in account settings.

Questions Yes / No

Questions yes / no use to examine your customers profile and phenomena that require a clear answer.

For example, “Have you used a private visit?”

Was this your first visit?

Answers to these questions are not included in the average rating.

What is NPS

NPS is a tool for quantifying how the company serves customers, more efficiently than long and complex questionnaires. NPS is based on one question: “On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend X to your friend?” Based on the results obtained, it can be stated that customers who have marked 9 or 10 are willing to re-purchase the product or service from the company and are highly likely to recommend it to a friend. Firms that achieve high index values ​​grow at a faster rate than the market.

Advantages of NPS

– speed and simplicity of the test

– ease of interpretation of results,

– Determine the direction of change that is easy to monitor,

– the ability to compare with competitors in their own research or world studies,

– Strengthening investor relations – If a trader plans to sell a part or the whole of the company in the future, tracking customer satisfaction with a recognized tool allows a potential investor to assess consumer satisfaction with other companies he has already invested.


How to interpret NPS results?

The average NPS value for businesses is in the 10-15 range. Firms that achieve higher scores should therefore develop at a higher rate than the economy, while a 7-point increase in NPS correlates with a 1% increase in sales.

In the case of the world leading NPS goes 50-80. It is found by such companies as Apple (NPS equals 66), Harley Davidson (81), Amazon (73) [1].

Location ranking

You have many locations, but is it difficult to gather feedback from each of them?

Statisfy automatically creates a ranking for your location. With a clear table, you will find out which Support Team has maintained the standard you set, and which teams need Customer Service support.

Can I clear the poll results?

No, but you can add another poll and keep that because there are no quota limits.